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Aug. 14th, 2014

Kooky Street

Things to Consider When Starting a Fansub Group [STAFF - Providers]

To start off, where will get all our Wu Yi Fine media? Who will get it? Now these members of staff we call 'em our providers, and they're divided into two categories, our raw getters and the cappers.

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Personally, while there might be some challenges in finding quality raws, I think with effort and cooperation I don't there will be a lack of materials for people to sub. As it is, I think we've actually been spoiled, sure it's not EXO-level of everyday updates, but they're 11 members, and we have 1. However the updates we have gotten so far are pretty meaty. I mean hey, OST, a movie and a potential movie in the works, that's quite a big deal. Also the fact that he's working with Chinese A-listers, it means that it won't be some obscure Chinese media marketing. As it is we've already gotten interview videos, and news highlights in good quality my 15 years old j-rock weaboo soul would envy. Therefore I suggest opening a pool where you can receive donations of raws from eager fans, but I highly suggest to also implement a standard.
Kooky Street

Things to Consider When Starting a Fansub Group [Masterpost]

Post is unlocked, but it's still a work in progress. Will start unlocking / adding sections once it's done.

[Disclaimer & Acknowledgement]Disclaimer / Acknowledgement
This post is a cleaned up and bloody extended version of this reply I made in response to the fansub initiative discussion led by alterjin at wyfuniverse. As noted, it has been half a decade since I was in a local anime fansub team and interned at a short-lived TV broadcast subtitling team (my country has laws that prefers dubbing over subbing), and even then I was only a minor translator for both in the whole complicated-ish process, so my info will be outdated in some places.

As I'm heavily relying on my very spotty memory, I have to use a few resources to fill them holes. Aside from Google, I used What Goes Into a Fansub? by Chaos4ever whose blog is a great resource and with the most comprehensive information on fansubbing I've seen. So do check it out for references as he will also be updating for more details. Also to my babes, Marv, Z and Proxy, y'all thanks for indulging me with the nostalgia and help me out despite our collective memory fail whuut. Shout outs as well to the fine folks at wyfuniverse for various suggestions.

So, I promised alterjin that I'd make a more comprehensible and digestible posts regarding a few things people might consider when undertaking fansubbing. Fansubbing is a time-consuming but ultimately rewarding activity. It can also be a very complicated process, however, luckily we're subbing for just one normally insane  dude, whose works haven't yet reached a point where you want to keel over and die at the effort needed to sub. Yet. Anyway, to make life easier, I think any questions should be addressed and answered here at the masterpost so no one will be missed out. Please feel free to ask any questions or jump into the discussion, because any input, no matter how minor is always valuable. Also please take the time to read the disclaimer. Cheers! X3

Things to Consider When Starting a Fansub Group


  1. Providers

  2. Core Translators



May. 4th, 2009

Cheesy Mouse Power

Things to do with my LJ

After one whole night of doing nothing except for CSS experiment of which I'm a total PHAIL, I figured I should make a list of want I do with this LJ of mine and do it systematically.
  1. Make a navigation panel.
  2. Change those fugly default LJ mini-icons.
  3. Use a profile code.
  4. Fill in profile.
  5. Link in my webpages.
  6. And finally, actually use this journal.

Apr. 18th, 2009

Melodies of Life

[music] Carla Bruni - L'amoureuse

I was watching Lake House the other day, and I remembered how much I love the soundtrack. It introduced me to several artists including Carla Bruni. I was really excited to find out that she has released a new album, and I swear, I fell in love straight away with her song L''amoureuse. The lyrics were so pretty I had to translate it and share it. Be mindful though, it's not a direct translation and sometimes I have to interpret because it won't make much sense in English.
Carla Bruni's Live PerformanceCollapse )

La Parole en Fran�aisCollapse )

The Lyric in EnglishCollapse )