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"dans la desert de mon couer" -emilie simon

Things to do with my LJ
Cheesy Mouse Power
After one whole night of doing nothing except for CSS experiment of which I'm a total PHAIL, I figured I should make a list of want I do with this LJ of mine and do it systematically.
  1. Make a navigation panel.
  2. Change those fugly default LJ mini-icons.
  3. Use a profile code.
  4. Fill in profile.
  5. Link in my webpages.
  6. And finally, actually use this journal.

[music] Carla Bruni - L'amoureuse
Melodies of Life
I was watching Lake House the other day, and I remembered how much I love the soundtrack. It introduced me to several artists including Carla Bruni. I was really excited to find out that she has released a new album, and I swear, I fell in love straight away with her song L''amoureuse. The lyrics were so pretty I had to translate it and share it. Be mindful though, it's not a direct translation and sometimes I have to interpret because it won't make much sense in English.
Carla Bruni's Live PerformanceCollapse )

La Parole en Fran�aisCollapse )

The Lyric in EnglishCollapse )